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About eXorithm

eXorithm stands for execute algorithm

An algorithm is a sequence of steps that performs a task, such as sorting a list or searching for an item. The software code on a computer is made up of algorithms.

eXorithm is a collection of algorithms that anyone can run. To run an algorithm, all you need to do is press the run button . Our servers will take your input, crunch it through the algorithm, and spit out the result.

The algorithms on eXorithm are created and maintained by the community. Anyone who registers for a free user account is able to edit, wiki-style. If you would like to add or improve some code, then do it! Share your solution with the world.

For the programmer

To edit or add an algorithm you need to create a free user account on this site.

eXorithm’s algorithms are realized as PHP functions. Algorithms can access most of the built-in PHP functions, as well as any of the other user-created algorithms in the database. That means that you can build upon the work of others.

Much of the code of most software applications deals with input and output. eXorithm handles input (in the form of arguments) and output (in the form of handlers) for you, so you can concentrate on writing the guts of your algorithms.

Want to learn more? Check out the sandbox or the editor’s guide.

Who created this? And who owns this?

eXorithm was conceived and created by AKTIV Software. AKTIV owns the site, but we make no claim of ownership over the algorithms in the database. The algorithms in the database are governed by a MIT-style license

AKTIV is a commercial organiztion and we would like to make money from this site eventually. Just how we’ll do this, we’re not sure at the moment. If you would like to make a donation, please use the PayPal button to the right.

The fact that this site was created by a commercial organization may make some people nervous. All we can do is promise to be benevolent owners and guarantee the following while we operate the site:

  1. it will be free to view and run algorithms
  2. it will be free to edit algorithms
  3. the base functionality on this website (everything that you can do now) will be free
  4. there will be no ads on the algorithm edit screen
  5. we will not exploit this resource

Other stuff

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